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Prepare your curls for a Trepadora curly cut

Whether it is your first cut or you are a seasoned regular, we recommend you follow this guide on how to prepare your curls for your Trepadora salon appointment. 

Please note: If you occasionally straighten your curls with flat irons a Trepadora cut will not be suitable for you. 

Trepadora Dry Cut (no wash and style) 

This service is aimed at returning customers who have the knowledge and techniques of caring for and styling their curls. If you are not curl confident, please book in for a Curl Cut with Wash & Style. 

The Day Before your Appointment

Cleanse, condition and style your hair the day before your appointment. Your curls need to be 100% dry and your natural curl pattern visible to cut it.  

DO NOT arrive with a ponytail, bun or anything that stretches or changes your curl pattern. 

DO NOT style your curls with products that are excessively sticky or greasy/oily. We recommend a soft hold styler.

AVOID the £20 detangling fee by arriving with fresh, day 2 curls that have been moisturised with a leave-in conditioner.

Trepadora Curl Cut with Wash & Style

If you are new to being natural and struggle to understand your curls’ needs, please come in the best you can with your hair naturally out. We will guide you through it! 

Your appointment will happen in one of two ways: OPTION 1 - If your curls are defined enough to see your natural curl pattern we will cut your curls dry, then wash and style to finish (follow the Trepadora Dry Cut (no Wash & Style) guide to prepare your curls for this). OPTION 2 - If your curls are not appropriately defined, we will wash and style them first, then dry cut to finish. 

AVOID the £20 detangling fee by arriving with fresh, day 2 curls that have been moisturised with a leave-in conditioner.

What if I have an appointment for a cut and colour service? 

We colour your curls first before we cut them so we do not expect your curls to be defined when you come in for colour. It is more important to have your curls in the best possible condition and tangle free. Please read this article on how to prepare for your colour appointment. 

How else can I prepare my curls?

Have a read through the Trepadora Curly Method: Starter Guide for an introductory routine and further information. 


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