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About us

Meet our founder

Keisha Jo Lawler

Before I created Trepadora I was without doubt an obsessive product junkie of curly hair products. So much so that I built a successful business out of it back in 2009. It soon became the leading go to resource for women with curly hair across the UK and Europe. We offered curly hair education, a curl forum and a curly emporium filled with the best products from both America and Canada. I like to jokingly refer to the period before that as the time of the "dark ages" for anyone with curly hair, as there were literally only two heavily silicone based products available to us on the high street in the UK at that time. Both of which did zero for my frizz.


After eight years of running that online business and as a big birthday approached, I found myself looking for more than what the products I imported had to offer. I wanted high level ingredients akin to what I was experiencing in my premium skin care routine for my curls. Luxurious formulations with clinical actives that were seriously good at reducing frizz and capable of nourishing curly hair from the inside out is what I needed.

Curl care like skincare was one of the pillars that set the tone for all the formulations for Trepadora. Your scalp is skin after-all and the root to good curl health. I drew inspiration from my time of living in South America where I was given the opportunity to learn how women there use indigenous botanicals in their everyday beauty rituals. The finest blend of high-performing skin friendly ingredients with nourishing botanicals that would give lasting wash days was my target. My checklist included super concentrated formulations. I believe the trend of using handfuls of product for curly hair is extremely wasteful, unnecessary and can lead to scalp issues. 

My aim for you when you use Trepadora exclusively, is for you to experience your most beautiful curls and a deep feeling of confidence that you have finally cracked the code to your routine. You should feel free to enjoy your curls on your own terms wherever you are.

Since 2015 we have been helping women across the UK and beyond both online and at our flagship salon to fall in love with their natural texture. We think Trepadora and its game changing formulations will make you want to dance around with joy once you try it. Consistently good wash day results need not be a dream. Trepadora delivers curl sets that last so you never have to wonder what on earth you will wake up to in the mornings, or be in a panic of daily wetting down your curls before you go out in order to feel presentable. I remember what that felt like.

Enjoy your #trepadoracurltherapy and thank you so much for being a part of our curly sisterhood! 

For the health of your curls.


Keisha Jo x

Vegan cruelty-free curl care

Our ingredients matter

Our skin care approach to developing the Trepadora range means that we only select the highest quality and sustainable ingredients that are always plant based and independently audited by the Vegan Society the oldest and most trusted in the world.

Our hero ingredient is Peruvian Organic Inca Inchi Oil (Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil) and is the world’s richest known plant source of Omega 3. It is sustainably harvested from the foothills of the Andean mountains in Peru by local farmers who are ECOCERT certified. This ingredient is clinically proven to soothe the scalp and rejuvenate the hair. Its natural habitat sparked our brand name Trepadora, the botanical name in Spanish for climbing plant. The result in our magical formulations is silky, manageable curls with lovely volume. 

Free from: Silicones, harsh sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, artificial colours, parabens and animal products.

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Grounded in nature, supported through science and inspired by you.

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Inca Radiance Repairing Elixir 50ml

Inca Radiance Repairing Elixir 50ml


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Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer 50ml


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