Meet Our Founder


Hello, my name is Keisha Jo Lawler, creator of the Trepadora range of curly hair products it is so lovely to meet you. I am passionate about curly hair and I very much love the freedom to help all my amazing guests who visit me at my salon in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

I believe choosing to embrace your curly hair is not a statement but a state of being. Curly hair is, in my opinion, original beauty. The Trepadora range truly delivers the finest ingredients in the most effective packaging to enhance and strengthen your beautiful curls with the complete power of rainforest butters, oils and extracts finely balanced with clinically proven professional hair care ingredients for extra performance.

I know curly hair is the most delicate of all hair types so I took a skincare approach in developing the formulations for TREPADORA. I very much want to help you to change the love-hate dynamic you might have with managing your natural hair. 

Discovering the negative effect that oxygen has on natural formulations was a light bulb moment for me. As the TREPADORA range has over 90% naturally derived active ingredients, it was crucial to find a solution that would protect these precious actives yet still give our customers an easy to use delivery system. Based on this need, my “Go oxygen-free” mantra was born. We are the first curly hair care company to use 100% airless packaging. Our formulations demand it.

As a mother, it was also very important to me to ensure our products would also be safe for use on little ones. Trepadora's complete range has been EU cosmetic safety assessed and passed suitable for all ages from 3 years+ 

I hope you love the products as much as I do. Seeing the beautiful results across all curl types has been deeply rewarding for me. 

You inspire me,

Keisha Jo x