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Fabulous multi tasker

I was skeptical about this but thought would try.
Wow love this really well as a leave in, to sotc, refresh curls on days 2,3 and 4 and also as an on the spot moisture oomph ...plays well with other brands and only need a pea sized amount . Fabulous

Gorgeous oomph curl enhancing wonder

I love this. It layers well over the top of other brands and works well as a stand alone gel too. Smells fantastic, is gentle (I'm asthmatic and have ezcema) but packs a punch gives a good cast .. remember a little goes a long way.

Soft shiny culrs

I have 2C-3A curls and I struggle with getting and maintaining definition especially after the day after I wash my hair. This has helped a lot with giving me more firm 'resilient' curls. This is my second bottle and I don't see myself to stop using it anytime soon.

Gorgeous hold and curl - deffo keeper!

I had high hopes for this product due to the high cost of the glaze. I was most delighted! Since purchasing I have used the product twice and I have been so pleased with the results. I have thin, flat shoulder length hair this glaze gave me full, bouncy and curls for upto three days :)

This product really allows my curls to display their beauty.

I use it to twist my hair overnight then undo the twists in the morning. I ruffle my curls to suit my individuality.

Slip Taming Potion

Been looking for ages, trying all sorts of products for my wavy hair. Jackpot I found it , this gives my hair the moisture it needs with lots of bounce and volume.

So impressed I have ordered three other products from this range. You have to get the balance right of each one which took me a few washes but fab products

Papaya slip

Ordered my second big bottle of papaya slip before my first one ran out. Could not face the world without this potion that tames my frizzy curls.

Love it

I recently bought product at my hairdresser as I felt mousse wasn't doing anything for my hair. So thought I'd give it a try. Obviously with the lockdown couldn't get to my salon so ordered it again online as it is absolutely fantastic for my hair and my curls haven't looked better 😁

Love it!

Really controls my curls!

Great product! Highly recommend

Flexible hold

I love using this gel (something I don't say often) after I cleanse my hair. I usually layer it with another gel to get a stronger hold and a cast. The smell and texture are lovely.

Seals my style

I love using a few drops of this elixir on diffused hair, to break the cast and seal in my style. The smell of cedar oil is sharp and refreshing. An excellent product, if used sparingly.

Love, love, love!

This conditioner is so gorgeously rich and smooth, smells divine and leaves my hair soft and silky. I love it!

So impressed!

My hairdresser uses these so thought I give them a try and I am not disappointed! I also got a free sample of the almond conditioner. The curling glaze takes a while to fully dry but my curls looked great and bouncy, lifted at the roots and no fly away strands or frizz.

Cleans but doesn't strip my hair

I'd had a mild reaction to another expensive shampoo and I needed something that looked like it would clean my hair without stripping it and I was right. There is a lovely smell, my hair is clean and my curls are good. I have had no reaction, itchy scalp causing nasty little scabs, and my scalp feels soothed and happy! No picture because I've managed to miss 2 appointments because of lockdown and my hair now desperately needs shape cutting back into it but the shampoo is really helping me make the best of a bad job!

Best product

Amazing product. Big soft curls that last. All the Trepadora products are brilliant but this one is by far my favourite and gives amazing results


I love this product, its got my curls popping and feeling softer than ever! 😍


Such a lovely part of my hair care routine

Love it

What a great product

Love this product

This is amazing for my curly dense hair!

Oh my days! PERFECT!

The shampoo thoroughly cleans my hair without stripping it so it’s so lightweight. The conditioner smells insanely good and leaves your hair feeling amazing. The taming potion tames all my previously unruly frizz and ensures my curls hold for days. After using this set only once or twice, I have received lots of compliments on how healthy my hair looks and I couldn’t be happier
myself. I feel so confident when my hair looks and feels this good! Thank you Trepadora x

I am the happiest curly girl

Best suitable products for me.

The best

Love it make my curls soft and beautiful. It’s one of my best Trepadora products

Papaya slip taming potion

Discovered the Trepadora range after having read about it in a magazine.
After much reading of the website decided to try the papaya slip. I have to say I’ve bought countless products all promising to tame my fine fly-away curls which are prone to frizz in all weathers, none of them ever fulfilling their promises!
This slip is truly amazing. The smell is glorious and the consistency of the slip is lovely. I use it on soaking wet hair, usually after co-washing and conditioning, and then wrap my hair, still soaking wet, in a cotton t-shirt. I leave this for roughly ten minutes, then remove the t-shirt and basically leave my hair to air dry. I find that the slip leaves my curls soft and pliable and curl pattern has lasted up to 3 days. I have used the slip on dry hair for a third day refresh if needed.
Will definitely be purchasing the almond conditioner after having received a free sample with my slip.
Goods arrived quickly too, and were very well packaged.
All in all I’m very pleased.