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I think it's taking my hair done time to adjust to using additional product again. However it is lovely and soft now ☺️

An effective conditioner

I use the Coconut Almond conditioner after the Pink Hibiscus Clay Wash almost every day. It leaves my hair nice and smooth but easily styled with a blow dryer.

Coconut Almond Smoothing Conditioner 500ml

Açaí Berry Fix Defining Gel 500ml

Can't live without it

This is simply one of those can't live without products. I use it as an additional conditioner; I only need a pea sized amount so it lasts for ages. Conditions without weighing hair down.


Not the effect I h hoped for - will keep trying

As always excellent prompt service

Prompt service packaged securely. Never had a problem. Love the products have been using them for ages. Wouldn’t switch for anything else. Slight problem with the pump mechanism a few times which is a bit frustrating. Would be handy if one could unscrew the top of the mechanism breaks

Defining gel.

Product good but a fiver for p&p - seriously?! I purchased the 200ml size bottle and it would have been a couple of quid max to post. Don’t be so greedy - your product is expensive enough.

Also excessive amount of packaging for a brand I thought would be eco-friendly. Sort it out please. Not sure I’ll be buying again unless you do.

Hello Hayley we are pleased to hear you find the product good. Regarding our postage cost it covers not only postage which is a lot more than £2 from Royal Mail but also cover the the wages of the human who packs your orders and the packaging to protect your product. These all add up and we as a small company do our level best to keep this cost to the minimum. We make nothing on our postage & packing costs. Thank you for your support.
Fresh and Clean

Love this shampoo! It is fresh and cleans the hair without stripping it of it's natural oils and moisture. I love it

Total moisture

A wonderful leave in product for after washing. Provides beautiful moisture for dry hair before adding the curl primer

Smells like Bliss

Finally I can give up the sticky mousse and use only this for my curls. It's a miracle product and it smells like bliss

Papaya slip

I ordered this based on the reviews but unfortunately it just isn’t any good for my hair. It’s quite sticky when going on so you can’t really twist your hair or move it about as it’s drying and I just didn’t like how it defined my curls compared to other products. I also felt it left a noticeable residue on my hair. My hair is very curly and thick but fine in texture. Maybe it just wasn’t right for me.

Hi Lianne Thank you for leaving your review. We are sorry to hear your experience and recommend the following. You need to use a leave-in conditioner on your hair before applying the Papaya Slip Taming Potion due to the very strong hold. Also you need to use a lot less than you did and finally your hair was not soaking wet when you applied the product. We know this will help. Thank you for your support!
Fabulous hair cleanser

Was apprehensive that this product wouldn’t be thorough enough for my very dense, 2c low porosity hair which gets build up quickly but it is terrific and extremely moisturising as well. I alternate between this and the shampoo every 2 days and my hair is happy!

Good, light shampoo - smells good

A nice light shampoo that doesn't leave any residue. It's a foaming shampoo which I prefer and it smells nice too. Works for my fine-ish curly hair.


Honestly one of the best products I’ve ever used. It mixes well with all other products from the company and doesn’t leave flakes after drying!!

Brilliant products, it does what it says on the description, we loved it


I was really looking forward to using this product after all the amazing reviews but it just made my hair look really greasy. Disappointing when spending £19 to only use it once

Hi Jo the only reason this has happened is because you have used way too much of the Miracle Maca Moisture Balm. It is intensely moisturising so please try using only half of a pump and add a tiny bit more if necessary. We have videos on our website showing how little you need to apply. We hope that helps!

Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse 500ml

Papaya Slip

I had hears great revoews about tjis products so treated myself to some and other items .I didnt relise it was just a gell .Smells so nice bit tbh i dont think its better than less expensive gells i have tried including home made Flax seed gell.

Hi Valerie the Papaya Slip Taming Potion is a hybrid formulation of a cream and gel blend. We are sorry you to hear you have not experienced the magic of this product. We have videos on our site to show best product application and we also have a salon in Maidenhead so please book in if you can. Hope this helps!

Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner 200ml

Concentrated curl wonder

I use Trepadora and their main competitor brand. Both perform for curls but I need less Trepadora and the Miricke Maca gives the best finish for lightly clumped and shiny curls.

Love it, use after the crunch

I had never heard of you until Curl’s allowed. The balm is so good, after you have crunched out the crunch (gel), gives me moisture and movement and smells amazing.

Soft and lovely smell

Very norishing for your curls.

The KING of curly products.

I have at last found you, you love my curls and my curls love you!

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