Hair Products for Curly Hair

4 bad substances found in hair products for curly hair 

(that you won't find in any of the Trepadora range). 
Although silicone is great for creating shine and helping with straightening, the reason it can do this is that silicon is simply a plastic.  The shine, therefore, is a 'fake' shine, it is not a natural shine like the one you get from healthy curly locks. Coating your hair with such a substance means that ordinary moisture cannot penetrate the strands. The resulting situation, not surprisingly, is frizz.  Then, trying to strip the silicone overload out from overuse usually means losing all your natural oils along with it. The end result; potentially a long term frizz problem.
Sulphates are used in most shampoos. The reason for this is partly effectiveness and partly marketing -  hair cleanliness, over decades, has been associated with a head full of suds and admittedly,  it is hard to get out of the habit of associating the two. Sulphates create the suds themselves and while this may be great for a thorough cleansing, again, all your oils could be sacrificed, even with just one wash.
Although due to new EU rules use of this substance is becoming less common, it is still found in some hair products, usually under one or more of the following names: propyl/benzyl/methyl/butyl-paraben. 
Containing anti-bacterial properties, parabens are used to add longevity to a product so that it's shelf life can be extended.  They are, in some cases, added to a product as a aid to promote hair growth.  Although they are found in products in very small concentrations (typically 0.3% to 1%) scientists are not 100% in agreement they this does represent a potentially toxic effect. 
Mineral oils (petroleum or lanolin):
When it comes to hair and beauty products, mineral oils are a cheap replacements for high-quality oils and butters. The problem with them is that at the end of the manufacturing process, if not properly treated, they have likely retained toxins.
Mass produced lubricant oils do not offer the same moisturising benefits as natural oils.  They do not penetrate the hair shaft as deeply as inca inchi oil, almond oil or coconut oil, for example.  They also tend to be heavier and result in curls that feel weighed down, effectively spoiling your whole style.  They can also cause a build up on the scalp which can result in irritation.  All in all, as far as hair products for curl hair go, mineral oil based is the least favourable option.
Trepadora products are proud to offer a range of hair products for curly hair that contain none of these substances.  You can get details of the individual ingredients and certifications here.
hair products for curly hair