Free Trepadora Brochure
Free Trepadora Brochure
Free Trepadora Brochure

Free Trepadora Brochure


Our in-depth guide to Trepadora with useful style guides included.

Curly Hair Care: Are you Confident with your Product Application?

Sometimes watching the creator of the brand can really help with perfecting your own routine so, we've collated some of our Trepadora product application videos in one place so that you can...

These aren't Chemo Curls, They're Kick Cancer's Arse into Oblivion Curls

Lottie Rennie, a watercolour artist and young breast cancer survivor tells her story of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and her amazing new curls.  Diagnosis Friday 13th October I was diagnosed with...

Prepare your curls for Winter

The nights have slowly started drawing in, which can only mean one thing…it’s almost winter time. This is often a busy time, and for us curly girls there is the...

Trepadora Curly Method: Starter Guide

Start Fresh Cleanse with the Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse to get the canvas of your curls ready to go natural. It will remove any silicones, heavy butters or other buildup...

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