Why Use Airless Packaging?

For Our Formulations - It Was The Right Thing To Do

If you truly want to feel the amazing benefits of using natural botanicals and extracts in your hair care routine you simply must protect the integrity of these precious ingredients. That is why we use premium airless packaging. It keeps our formulations good to the very last drop. We believe our natural hair care formulations deserve them, and you do too.


Priming Your Trepadora Airless Pump

When using your Trepadora airless pump dispenser for the first time, you may need to prime your dispenser.  To prime your dispenser, pump dispenser slowly about 10-15 times. This process of priming will activate the vacuum pump system. If at anytime your dispenser stops working, simply repeat the priming process to activate the vacuum pump system.


The benefit to you

Powerful bio-active ingredients delivered optimally to your curls that stay fresher for longer. As our products are 100% protected from oxygen, microbes and sunlight it means once opened they are safe to use for up to 24 months. You can therefore easily rotate our products in your hair care regimen and use them at your own leisure.


Oxidation And What It Means To Your Natural Product

Simply put, oxidation is the interaction of oxygen with other substances. For many natural ingredients, prolonged exposure to oxygen causes degradation and spoilage, such as the effect seen with fruit that’s cut and left out too long. Oxygen depletes the anti-oxidants and vitamins very quickly and robs the full potential of these ingredients.


The Problem With Jars And Clear Bottles

Natural water based formulations packaged in jars need to use very high levels of preservatives to protect the contents. These can be very sensitising to your scalp. Microbes can also enter the jar very easily if the fingers dipping in are not meticulouslyclean and dry. Taking the lid off or pumping with a traditional pumps allows air (oxygen) to rush in speeding up the breakdown of the natural ingredients inside. Clear bottles are lovely at showing off natural products especially oils but that allows sunlight to filter in and degrade the anti-oxidants and vitamins inside. With Trepadora you never have to worry about this happening. 

 100% Recyclable. Our bottles are made of a single material (PP) so just pop into your recycling bin once empty. No need to rinse. Airless bottles are designed to be fully empty once finished.