We Proudly use Airless and this is Why

Simply put, our formulations are what make Trepadora a success. We use the very best ingredients available on the market to ensure our formulations work perfectly for each curl type. Our products achieve consistent results and optimise hair health because of the highly natural and potent active ingredients. To retain the potency like high-end skincare brands, the ingredients need to be protected. The choice was clear, we needed to use airless packaging. 

What is Airless packaging? 

Airless packaging is a dispensing system that uses a single-direction pump. This means it does not allow air from the atmosphere back into the container like a standard pump which causes the oxygenation of ingredients and can be easily contaminated. As a secondary protection from ingredient degradation we use opaque bottle to block the sunlight. 

How oxygen affects natural ingredients

Does it need to be plastic? 

We would prefer to avoid plastic where we can. Consumers and manufacturers alike are demanding change for products to be offered in eco friendly packaging. There has already been a seismic shift to PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic in bottle manufacturing. As soon as it becomes available for airless technology, we will be first in line to make the switch.  

Is it recyclable?

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and by using airless it means there is no wasted product. The bottle is completely empty when you can no longer pump it so there is no need to wash it before it goes into the recycling bin. 

Priming the Pump

Priming the pump is to expel the air from the pump mechanism. Depending on the product, priming can take 5 - 10 pumps to create the vacuum necessary to dispense the product. 

Top Tip: Put your finger over the mouth of the pump (where the product should come out from). Seal it completely off with your finger then pump the pump until it engages and starts to push the product out. Do not remove your finger until it happens

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