Curly Hair Products

Simple tips and tricks with curly hair products. 
Keeping your curls looking smooth, supple and shiny should not have to feel like having an extra part-time job!  Using particular curly hair products and regularly following a few simple tips will really help in terms of the day to day management of your curls.
Deep conditioning: overnight deep conditioning is more simple than it sounds and does not need to be choresome if you include it naturally into your evening routine. Cleanse, condition and detangle as normal then apply your deep conditioner a couple of hours before bed, to avoid going to bed with wet locks. Later, simply get in bed with your now almost dry hair and rinse off the next day during your usual morning shower. Easy! Try incorporating this curly hair trick into your routine as many days as you see fit with a curly hair product such as Miracle Maca Moisture Balm.
Rinsing and drying: Try rinsing your hair with cold water to seal in moisture during the last few seconds of the rinse. Cold water helps to seal your hair cuticle, making it lay smoothly, an essential for straight haired ladies and Curlies alike!  It is believed that the fibre from ordinary towels can cause the hair to tangle, so we recommend you use our Curly Hair towel which is smooth and excellent at soaking up excess water without the need for that frizz-inducing rub!  Most shampoo's for curly hair are harsh and drying. Instead use our Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse and feel the difference. 
Use a dryer with a diffuser attachment with a cold setting if you are wary of heat drying. Obviously you will need more time for this so revert to using the warmer setting just on occasions when you are in a rush.  Finish off with a serum for that silky finish such as our Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir curly hair product.
Restyling: Use lightweight products if you want to preserve your hair throughout the whole week without feeling like you have to deal with styling from scratch every day. Just moisturise the areas such as your crown, hairline or ends that need an extra touch of attention.  Styling and restyling with different branded products creates build up and unnecessary overload. As Trepadora products are made with the same base of natural plant extracted ingredients you never have to worry about this problem.  For revivals before wash days and on in-between days, once again we recommend this Inca Inchi Smoothing Elixir moisturising curly hair product.
Deep condition as part of your actual hair styling routine.  Deep condition on the go by adding naturally protective ingredients into your styling so that your transition to beautiful hair ensures your curls become, and continue to look their best, over time: Put your deep conditioner on before you do your twist, for example.  We love this really easy to use leave-in curly hair product that can be incorporated into your regular nourishing routine.
One final trick: Are you sleeping on a satin pillow case yet?  Is this really better for your curls? The jury may be still out on this one but a good majority agree that because satin does not absorb moisture like cotton does, your hair retains moisture better, particularly beneficial, of course, to hair types that are susceptible to frizz such as wiry curls or coarse hair.   A little luxury that is certainly worth a try!