Four Reasons to Style Curls Wet

Four Reasons to Style Curls Wet

Do you hear this sound when you applying styling gel to your curls? No...Well, here’s why you should. 

Reduce Frizz
Styling curls when soaking wet reduces frizz when your curls are dry. Remember not to manipulate your hair while it’s drying as this contributes to making your tamed mane frizzy.

Lock in Moisture
When you apply your Trepadora products on dripping wet curls, it locks in that beautiful moisture you fed your curls with while you were washing.

Clump your Curls
Curls not clumping together? Well... are they wet enough? When your hair is still wet (really wet!) apply your products. Brush through and scrunch. You’ll see beautiful curls start to form.

Don't waste your product
Applying your products to wet hair ensures you’re not wasting product. Whilst  styling part-dry curls can get frizzy. Naturally we want to add more product when really we should be adding more water 💧

How to tell if your curls are sufficiently saturated. Your hair should feel slippery smooth and make this sound. 

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