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Why Trepadora Uses Airless Packaging

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Airless technology has become the new future of cosmetic, beauty, and medical packaging.

Trepadora is the only vegan & cruelty-free haircare range in the world for naturally curly hair to only use airless packaging across 100% of it's products.

Keisha Jo Lawler the creator of the range realised that in order for you to fully experience the optimum results of using her high performing vegan formulations the choice was clear - go airless.

Fact: exposure to air, sunlight and moisture degrades natural ingredients. For our naturally derived formulations it just did not make sense to use bog standard, cheap packaging. After all, that would just cause our lovely botanicals and key actives to lose their potency.

Did you know every time a tub is unscrewed (and wet fingers are scooping in), or when a pump system actively pulls oxygen back into the product the ingredients experience rapid degradation. This is especially true for actives susceptible to oxygen like vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural oils and butters. Cut an apple open and leave it for a few minutes to see what oxidation breakdown looks like - it goes brown.

At Trepadora we are proud to say that with our products you will experience virtually the same active benefits from the first time you use them to the very last pump for up to 2 years after you open them. Now that's something worth knowing! We hope you enjoy your Trepadora journey with us. We love your curls and you can trust us to only select the finest for you.






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