Which leave-in cream would be best for fine wavy curls?

Which leave-in cream would be best for fine wavy curls?

We've had a great question from Angela who has been using the Trepadora range on her fine, wavy hair.

“I use some of your products already. Which of the cream leave-ins would be best for fine wavy hair. The Miracle Maca Moisture Balm or the Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie? I currently use the Papaya Slip Taming Potion for hold.”


The ultimate leave-in product we would recommend would be the Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer but the Miracle Maca Moisture Balm is a very versatile moisturising product and would be a great choice for a leave in. Because the Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie already has a soft hold we would recommend this product too to enhance the curl definition. 

"I struggle sometimes with my waves which can droop and look untidy but I don't like the feeling or look of "helmet hair" 

Using a leave-in underneath the Papaya Slip Taming Potion will certainly soften the overall look of your curls. If you need the extra hold and feel the Papaya Slip has created a cast just flip your curls over and scrunch out any crunch. This will give you extra volume and softer curls still with the definition you desire.   


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  • rachel smith

    I have fine curly hair and have tried babassu quench and miracle maca, both of which leave my hair feeling greasy. I live in 35-50C weather most of the time with hot dry then hot humid summers and 4 month dry winters. I swim daily for 6 months of the year. The avocado kokum sample I tried was great. Any suggestions for what else to use to avoid fan frizz and produce a more natural curl? Papaya slip is working well today but lacks hold in the humidity. I’m still learning….

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