Trepadora Summer Survival Guide: Reduce Frizz and Retain Moisture

Trepadora Summer Survival Guide: Reduce Frizz and Retain Moisture

Be armed with frizz fighting knowledge to survive this summer with sleek looking curls.

Frizz is caused by not enough moisture and / or displaced curls that have been disturbed during the styling and drying process. See our top tips below to reduce the frizz and style like a pro. 

Cool down your routine

For frizz-prone curls we recommend a cool hair rinse. If you use water that is too hot it can dissolve many of the amazing moisturising ingredients in your conditioner. Trepadora recommends to cleanse and condition your curls with tepid (not cold) water to remove excess product but without stripping away the moisturising ingredients that help to fight the frizz. 

Protein plug

If you have damaged or naturally very coarse hair, leave in a little Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. The protein will plug any imperfections resulting in a smooth silky finish.  

L.O.C Method

If you are serious about locking in that moisture, then the LOC method is a tried and tested way of ensuring your curls are super hydrated. Read this article here about the Trepadora LOC method.

Go Big or Go Frizzy 

Your Papaya Slip Taming Potion or Açai Berry Fix Defining Gel should be applied more heavily that you would do in the winter. Creating a gel cast has never been more important than when the weather is hot and humid. Read this article on the best ways to create your gel cast and to scrunch out the crunch. 

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