Trepadora Store to Open in Maidenhead

Trepadora Store to Open in Maidenhead

Keisha Jo Lawler, the founder of Trepadora has been a very busy lady. Launching Trepadora Curl Therapy in December 2015 was just the first step. Trepadora has had an overwhelmingly positive response from customers and is the brand of choice for curly hair salon Spring in Birmingham and Cuttlefish Eco Salon in Brighton.

Now it is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming launch of the Trepadora flagship store and salon. The location address is Trepadora, Bath Road, Littlewick Green Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 3QR. The store will open officially on Friday 3rd March and the much anticipated Trepadora salon will open shortly afterwards.

We recently caught up with Keisha Jo to have a chat about the Trepadora store and her plans for our amazing brand!

Congratulations, it has been a year since the launch of your product range Trepadora and your customers are loving it.  How does that make you feel?

Thank you. It feels amazing and a true honour to have our customers embrace the Trepadora brand the way they have. Our customers know their products and to have their endorsement feels like a real privilege to me. Having spent 2 years working and testing the formulations it is a tremendous feeling to see the positive response to Trepadora and the way the products work for our customers.

What made you decide to take this venture two steps further and open a Trepadora flagship store and salon?

When I launched British Curlies back in 2009 I did so to create a community of support for women and girls across the country to encourage self acceptance and really a hub for all of us to share and grow in. With the fantastic response to Trepadora it felt right to give us a physical space to meet in person and to continue to develop close ties with our community of loyal customers and equally the opportunity to give a more bespoke service.

The store has a very warm distinct style. What were your thoughts behind this?

It reflects my personality and the feel I hope Trepadora gives to our customers. I really wanted to showcase the global and natural aspect of our brand and the many unique influences involved. From both my Jamaican heritage and my love for South America where I lived for a period of my life and learned about the use of natural oils and plant butters for beauty.

What will make the Trepadora experience different from any other retailer?

Authenticity. We understand exactly what our customer needs because we are the customer. When you walk into Trepadora’s store you will feel at ease and comforted in the knowledge that this truly is a home that respects and appreciates your natural hair. As a mother it feels wonderful to know a place like this exists for my own daughter and I look forward to meeting mums and dads who need some advice on caring for their little one’s curls. We plan on hosting workshops and lots of lovely in store events.

You will be opening the Trepadora salon very soon, what can your customers expect from this service?

This is very special to me. Our mission is to ensure our customers are treated to the finest salon experience with expert care in a beautiful space of calm confidence. Equally we will be developing supporting tutorials for our online fan base who are unable to visit.

There are 8 wonderful products in the Trepadora range that work for all curl types. Are there any more to come?

Absolutely. Trepadora is a living breathing responsive brand that is here to stay. We will evolve our product offering to ensure we meet our customer’s expectations and of course deliver surprising new products that they never knew they had to have!

How do you relax? What do you like to do in your down time?

I guess I am supposed to say something like tennis or whatever but the fact is I love what I do. I adore curly hair and I am always dreaming up ideas on how to offer a soul enriching experience to our customers. I am not looking for any downtime soon. See you in store I can’t wait to meet you!


  • Laura

    Absolutely loved my salon experience. I came in with dry curls I had no idea how to care for and after that cut I felt confident I could treat my hair to what it needed. Keisha made me feel very at home and offered a wonderful service, recommending products that have helped my curls so so much :). Six months on and my hair is a world away from where it once was. I now have curls I can wear with pride! Thank you x

  • LIz

    I loved the in-store experience. I received expert advice on the right products for me, tried a few and came away smelling divine. I can’t wait to make use of my purchases :-)

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