Trepadora Curly Method: Starter Guide

Trepadora Curly Method: Starter Guide

Start Fresh

Cleanse with the Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse to get the canvas of your curls ready to go natural. It will remove any silicones, heavy butters or other buildup that has occurred with your previous routine. This can be used as your regular cleanser or if you prefer using a co wash, you can then start using the Hibiscus Pink Cleansing Clay-Wash instead of the Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse or alternate between them.    


Condition with our Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner. Focus this product on the ponytail area down - the oldest and driest part of your hair. Detangle, then rinse. 

Next apply the Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer on soaking wet hair. This acts as a base layer for your styling product. 


Finally apply the Papaya Slip Taming Potion for a strong hold or the Acai Berry Fix Defining Gel for a medium hold, or mixed together for a super strong hold. Take a small amount at a time and layer it into your hair to get even coverage. Use a diffuser to create a strong hold cast that feels very firm. Once fully dry release the cast by scrunching your curls upwards to release the hold and reveal beautifully defined, soft curls. To add extra shine, a few drops of our Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir can then be scrunched in. 

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