The Best Curly Hair Products to Take on a Short Break

The Best Curly Hair Products to Take on a Short Break

Packing for a short trip can be like a game of Tetris, especially if you have luggage size restrictions. So which curly hair products do you take with you and which ones can you afford to leave behind? 


The first and most easily considered product is the Gojiberry Mint Reiving Hair Rinse 100ml. This travel sized hair rinse will gently cleanse your hair, body and can even be used as a facial cleanser too it is so gentle. Try it, you'll be amazed! 


Now this is a little more tricky. You need a product that will deep condition, condition and that can be used as a leave-in. The Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner 100ml can do all of these things! Alternatively, you could take the Babassu Quench Leave-In Conditioner and forego the rinsing. Go on, we dare you! 


The Papaya Slip Taming Potion is the perfect go to styling gel for your curls. Don't forget to SOTC once it is dry for that glossy soft feel. 

If we had to Choose One...

Not planning to wash or condition your curls while you are away? Then your one and only product to take is the Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie 100ml. This will moisturise your curls after a long day of sight seeing, de-frizz your curls after a night in the club or to restyle into an up-do or sleek bun. 





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