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The Benefits of using Steam on your Hair

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The use of steam for therapeutic, health and beauty purposes is a practice that has been used since the ancient greeks.  

For skincare, the benefits of steam have long been established but for your hair, steam can open the doors to another dimension of super soft manageable curls. Steaming can add moisture, increases the hair's shine and reduce breakage.

When you next visit the gym or if you treat yourself to a spa day, remember to apply your Trepadora Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner to your curls before entering the steam room.  

Trepadora Rainforest Deep Treatment

For the ultimate steam come and visit us at our Maidenhead salon for a Rainforest Deep Treatment. We use the best professional Japanese micro mist steamer on the market combined with a Trepadora cleanse, head massage and deep condition.



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