Simple Three Step Routine for Wavy Curly Hair

Simple Three Step Routine for Wavy Curly Hair

Starting a new routine for your wavy curly hair is as easy as one, two, three with Trepadora. Think less, not more with our products. They are concentrated so a little goes a long way.

One: Cleanse

We recommend our Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse for a regular cleanser. If you are currently using products with silicones, start with a double cleanse of this product to ensure you have rinsed them away. 

Two: Condition

Our Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner is perfect to use as a rinse out conditioner.  Leave in a little longer every couple of washes for a more intense treatment. If your curls are particularly thirsty, apply mid shaft to the ends of your hair before adding your styling product. 

Three: Style 

The Papaya Slip Taming Potion is superb for definition, shine and frizz-free curls. Apply gel to wet hair. It should feel slippery like seaweed. Use the “praying hand method” of gliding your palms in a downward smoothing motion with your hair sandwiched between. Then gently flip your head over and scrunch your curls upwards. Try to avoid touching your hair during the drying process. This will ensure you get little to no frizz. Air dry or diffuse. 

Once your hair is 100% dry scrunch curls to release any cast and massage the roots (under your curls) for extra volume. 

Extending your Routine

If you would like to extend your routine, try the following additions:

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