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Prepare your curls for Winter

The nights have slowly started drawing in, which can only mean one thing…it’s almost winter time. This is often a busy time, and for us curly girls there is the extra fear of how to stop our curls from drying out. So what do we do with our thirsty curls?

Here at Trepadora, we aim to make this Winter as stress-free as possible when it comes to your curls. Follow these simple tips to keep your curls looking radiant for the cooler months. 


Winter is coming and your hair can certainly feel it. But, no need to worry, our Miracle Maca Moisture Balm will help solve your problems. One of the most important steps to carry out in winter is to pre-poo (short for pre-shampoo), which is a treatment you apply before washing - this can be left on for 20 minutes and then washed off or leave it on overnight. 

The top benefit of a pre-shampoo is that it helps to retain moisture and strengthen hair, which is key during frosty months as you need to protect your natural oils.

Don’t forget to also use the Miracle Maca on dry hair for a 2nd and 3rd day refresh for your curls. The 98% naturally derived formula works wonders as a moisture boost on dry hair to protect your curls.

Shop our Miracle Maca here for the ultimate moisture mask or pre-poo treatment.




Using a deep conditioner with no sulphates or silicones is key all year round, but it is especially crucial for winter as there is less moisture in the air, so our curls become more brittle. Our Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner contains a protein-enriched formula which forms a protective barrier to the hair providing essential nutrients and the utmost hydration. Use a little more conditioner than you would usually in summer months and leave it in for a bit longer before washing to maintain the moisture, especially if you have very dry hair.

TOP TIP - follow this conditioner with our AWARD-WINNING Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer for extra moisture. Your hair will feel so silky - you’ll thank us later!




LOC is an acronym that stands for Liquid-Oil-Cream. It is a three-step method to ensure your curls retain moisture. We recommend using the Babassu Quench Leave-in Curl Primer followed by our Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir, which will help to seal the liquid layer you have applied first. Our Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie is perfect for completing the 3 step process and will help to tame the frizz in your hair. This product is perfect for all curl types and will not weigh down the hair. Read more about LOC in this article. 

If you prefer a stronger hold in your curls, try our AWARD-WINNING Papaya Slip Taming Potion after this to ensure your curls are the bounciest they can be (plus they will last for days!).

 TOP TIP: Apply all of our products to soaking wet hair.


One of the biggest trends of winter are bobble hats and other funky headgear. Unfortunately for us curly girls, coarse fabrics can snag the cuticle of our curls, causing some frizz. So, if your favourite hat is wolly then we recommend using a buff underneath or try a silk or satin lined cap to keep your curls intact. 

Most importantly, make sure you stock up on all your Trepadora goodies before Christmas and you will be set to tackle the cold this winter!

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