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Marriage proposal from a Customer

Posted by Customer Care on

We've received a marriage proposal from a customer and we've accepted! Beautiful Nikki your curls are stunning šŸ’ šŸ’

Dear Trepadora,
You and I have been going steady now for 9 months, I'll's love. I want to take this further and put a ring on it.Ā 
You are the greatest thing to ever happen to my hair!!!
I have never had such beautiful hydrated curls, I adore that you're products are Vegan with no nasties in them. The Avocado Kokum puts moisture back into my hair and locks it in, it's my no1. Your products don't leave any residue in my hair, I get no build up at all and that's why you're a keeper. (I even don't mind the 14 hour air drying when I woke up to these curls this morning).
I'm forever yours, will you be mine?

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