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Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir for Twists?

Posted by Customer Care on

The Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie and the Acai Berry Fix Defining Gel are the perfect duo to prime the curls and create definition for your twists. But if you are looking for extra glossy results add a little drop of Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir. Apply just enough to smooth over your hands to untwist your twists once fully dry. Untwisting slightly damp twists will lead to frizz and poor curl definition. 

Have you tried a twist out with the Papaya Slip Taming Potion? For finer curls that need a stronger hold this product will achieve great results. Think less, not more when applying your Inca Radiance to finish. If you feel you need more moisture try adding a tiny drop of Inca Radiance to freshly washed wet hair before adding your styling product.

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