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How To: Trepadora Twist Out for Curly Hair

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Twist outs are great for many curl types but they are especially effective on tightly spiralled hair. This method will achieve a more uniformed curl pattern with a slightly looser look. 


Start with freshly cleansed hair using the Trepadora Hibiscus Pink Cleansing Clay Wash.

Top Tip  - Leave the clay-wash on the scalp for at least 3 minutes to really breakdown any impurities. This will leave your curls cleansed but not stripped of your natural oils.


Squeeze out any excess water then apply the Trepadora Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner. When rinsing out this product leave a little in from mid shaft to ends. 


On wet hair separate into 8 equal sections using clips or hairbands. For each section brush out any tangles then apply Trepadora Papaya Slip Taming Potion. Separate each section into two or three strands and twist all the way from the root to tip. Twist these up into a bantu knot or leave loose. Follow this process for the next 7 sections. Allow to dry completely. 

Once dry, gently untwist the sections and seal with a little Trepadora Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir. You can leave them like this or further split the twisted sections for a more volume.



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