How to Plop with a Trepadora Luxury Curl Towel

How to Plop with a Trepadora Luxury Curl Towel

With curly hair being so fragile (especially when wet) we recommend not using traditional bath towels. These rough up the hair's cuticle, cause frizz and disperse your curl pattern, a soft and smooth texture is needed. Our luxury curly towel absorbs excess water and still retains moisture, leaving your curls frizz-free and defined.  

Tip After you have washed your curls and added a generous amount of Trepadora styling products, use ends of the towel to scrunch curls to remove excess water. Then place the towel on a flat surface. Bend forward and gently lower your damp curls into the centre of the towel. Take the top of the towel and fold it over to the nape of your neck. Twist and roll the ends while standing then knot securely.

Leave for 15 to 20 minutes to set the curls.

This towel is designed to remove excess water, not dry your hair completely as leaving a bit of moisture to dry naturally in your hair is key to frizz reduction and beautiful curls.


  • Jenny (Trepadora team member)

    Hi @Emma, we will certainly look into doing this :)

  • Emma

    Can you please make a video of a ‘plop’?


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