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How to Achieve Frizz-free and Defined Curls this Spring


Finally the clocks have gone forward! We are so grateful to have more light in the evenings, so despite our social calendars being a bit empty, let’s get our curls prepped and ready for a Trepadora Springtime routine.


Step one : Cleansing 

The first step to getting beautifully defined frizz-free curls is a good cleanser. We would recommend the Trepadora Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse, which is a gentle foaming cleanser that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. If you are new to the Trepadora method and need to get rid of any damaging silicone's or alcohols that may have been in your hair products. You can use the cleanser twice to thoroughly cleanse your hair to start fresh. 





Step two : Conditioning 

The secret to frizz-free curls, is ensuring your hair is in good condition. To help with this we would recommend using the Trepadora Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner. This conditioner is rich in protein, so it will help to repair any damages to your hair’s cuticles. Alternatively, you can try the Trepadora Coconut Almond Smoothing Conditioner, which will help to smooth your hair, seal in moisture and reduce split ends. 

Step three : More Moisture

Moisture is key to ensuring your curls are frizz-free. We would recommend our Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir, as this will help to flatten any rough cuticles, as well as helping fight hair loss and split ends. If you want extra moisture and a light hold in just one product, you can try our Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie. This also contains avocado oil, which has a high proportion of mono-saturated fats in it, these fats help to form a protective layer against the Springtime sun.

Step four : Styling

Once your hair is washed, conditioned and moisturised the next step is to add your styling products. These products should be applied onto soaking wet hair. For maximum definition and hold we would recommend our Papaya Slip Taming Potion or Acai Berry Fix Defining Gel. Section the hair and apply your chosen styling products evenly. Scrunch the product in for optimal definition, you should hear a delightful squishing sound.



Step five : The Drying Process 

Scrunch your hair a few times with a curl towel to help clump curls together and to rid the hair of excess water. We suggest using our Luxury Curl Towel, as it is made from Egyptian cotton and will remove the excess water without losing your curl pattern or causing frizz. You can then diffuse your hair on a cool setting or let it air dry naturally. Try to avoid touching the hair as much as possible while it is drying as this will create frizz.

Step six : Scrunch Out The Crunch 

Now that your hair is 100% dry, it will have created a gel cast and will feel crunchy. Now scrunch your hair a few times and you will see gorgeously defined, moisturised, frizz free curls.




Next day curls


Now that you have achieved beautiful curls, you can rejuvenate your day 2, 3 & 4 curls by applying either our Avocado Kokum Curl Defining Smoothie or Our Miracle Maca Moisture Balm. To do this, use a light praying hand method and then give the hair a few scrunches. You can seal any baby hairs or halo frizz with just a pea sized amount of Acai Berry Fix Defining Gel.


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