Airless Packaging: Why we use it and how we reuse it

Airless Packaging: Why we use it and how we reuse it

Did you know that Trepadora is the only vegan, curly haircare range in the world that uses 100% airless packaging across all of its products?  100% Recyclable. 

Every product is made with high-performing natural ingredients. It is crucial to keep them at an optimal level of freshness, avoiding exposure to air and sunlight as this will degrade the ingredients and ultimately the performance.

Top Tip: Go Big

If you are trying to be mindful of your plastic consumption, we recommend purchasing our 500ml bottles.  Not only will you save on plastic, but it is also favourable on the purse too!

Shop our 500ml Gojiberry Mint Reviving Hair Rinse

Shop our 500ml Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner

Shop our 500ml Acai Berry Fix Defining Gel 

Lasting Freshness

Unlike a lot of standard packaging that takes in oxygen or that you dip into, Trepadora will stay fresh for 24 months even after opening.

Another great thing about our packaging is that once finished, there are so many ways in which the bottles can be reused.

Perfect Ways to Reuse

We love being creative and are always trying to find new ways of reusing our bottles, especially as our packaging is so beautiful. Here are a few ideas on how to reuse them and please share with us any of your creations at home.

  • Makeup brushes - It can be a struggle to find the perfect vessel to hold your trusty makeup brushes. Empty Trepadora bottles are perfect, they are sturdy, pretty and declutter our makeup tables!
  • Dried Flowers or Dried Herbs - If you find yourself running out of containers, simply use our bottles to keep your dried flowers or herbs on display. Due to the packaging not suitable for fresh flowers.
  • Pen pots - Our bottles are the perfect size for most of your stationery needs. 
  • Reuse for other household or beauty products - Our 100ml bottles are perfect for travelling. Decant your favourite body lotion or shower gel by popping off the lid and pushing down the airless disc inside. 


100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable. Our bottles are made of a single material (PP) so just pop into your recycling bin once empty. No need to rinse. Airless bottles are designed to be fully empty once finished.

We are always keen to improve on this and will do when possibleWe're always working on improving our environmental impact following the principles 'reduce, re-use, recycle'. We know we’re not perfect, but the more we do, the better we get. Progress, not perfection.

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