3 Essential Steps for your Curlcare Ritual

3 Essential Steps for your Curlcare Ritual

Whether you have ten minutes or two hours we recommend including these three important steps.



To have clean hair and a purified scalp is vital to achieve your best curls. Gone (or should be gone) are the days of apple cider vinegar rinses and conditioner sitting on your hair for weeks without washing. Our formulations are designed with the best you can get from nature and up to date science. We have come a long way in the last decade or so to enjoy a guilt-free gentle lathering cleanser or a non-lathering Clay-Wash that is kind to your curls. Both options will get your curls prepped and ready to shine.  



Here's the mantra - 'Lock in the moisture'. To nourish your curls you need a conditioner that penetrates the hair. Top tip - Avoid products with shea butter. Whilst it is fantastic to smooth and soothe the skin, it coats the hair and builds up almost like a silicone! Our Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer can be your one-stop-everything-product or, for those who wish to curate, pair it with the Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner to achieve that silky soft feeling between your fingers as soon as you apply it. 



It may take a few times to get the technique and product dosage correct but... once you have it you will not look back! We have four styling products in our offering to cover every curl type and styling preference. Take a look at our product descriptions in our styling collection to find your perfect one or cocktail. 

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  • Colette Bolingbroke

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if you had any samples you could send me before I purchase your products please? I’ve spent a fortune on products for my curly hair and your products do sound very good but it’s expensive if I end up giving the products away if they do not work? Thank you.

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