3 Most Common Curl Dilemmas Caused by Lack of Moisture

3 Most Common Curl Dilemmas Caused by Lack of Moisture

Do you have dry, thirsty curls but little time to nourish them? We understand juggling jobs, children and partner often leave little time for self-care! So we want to show you 4 products that will fix your curl dilemma, fast. 

1: Frizz

Lack of moisture is a huge cause of frizz. To help combat this, we suggest trying the Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer. This provides an extra layer of moisture to be locked In before styling and only takes a minute to apply! Just smooth a pump onto wet hair from the mid shaft to the ends to kill frizz, fast. For curly girls with tighter curl patterns, try taking a pump of the Inca Radiance Smoothing Elixir and scrunch into dry or wet curls, this will both moisturise your curls and repair them. 

2: Thinning Hair 

Thinning hair is often caused by lack of moisture. To combat this try our Miracle Maca Moisture BalmThis will infuse your curls with moisture and encourage hair growth up to 93% with concentrated Seveov™ Maca Root Extract. Just take a pump and scrunch into dry curls for a hydrating refresh on days 2,3,4&5 or smooth onto your curls before bed and leave overnight for a deep treatment. 

3: General, Poor Condition

For Curly Girls with damaged dry hair, it is crucial to include a moisturising protein treatment. Our Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner simultaneously hydrates and repairs curls, leaving them soft, moisturised and bouncy. Smooth your normal dose mid-shaft to ends then watch the Quinoa Repair Deep Conditioner work its magic in just 3 minutes. 

Our Top Tips for Moisturising

  • The LOC method - Infuse and seal moisture into your hair. 
  • Ensure your curls are fully saturated with water before you start cleansing, water is the key to hydrated curls.
  • Make sure your hair is soaking wet before applying your favorite styler such as the Bamboo Ginseng Curling Glaze. Try using a spray bottle to rehydrate your curls before applying product. 

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